Stylish Meets Delicious

Hello Beautiful!


Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read a little bit about me and my small business. I'm Ali, the face behind Made By MacLean LLC. Im a mother of two curious, happy humans; Harvey and Delilah. Our little family is local to the Ellicott City area and I can't picture us calling any other place home.

I'd always assumed I would put in my work as a bartender until my kids got older and eventually move into a career path using my degree. In 2019 my day-to-day routine and any plans I thought I had were put on hold indefinitely as we all felt the wave of change brought on by the Covid19 Pandemic. Without getting into too much detail I'll say this was probably the hardest year I've had yet to experience and the low days outweighed the high for quite some time. But Covid was sneaky, kind of like a sour-patch kid. Making your face pucker up and feel that tension in your jaw jusssst long enough until you finally let your face relax and taste the sweetness.  


I started this business on a whim by the suggestion from an Aunt, a gesture that seemed so small in the moment but looking back that little nudge was everything. I'm not formally trained, if being trained on cheese is even a thing. So I'm basically a self-proclaimed cheese and flower fairy. For me, it's all in the detail.


I love food. I love art. I love turning food into art...and then eating it. This has been the most unexpected, amazing journey of my life and I honestly have no idea what's next, but I can't wait.




More Than Your Average Cheese Board