What does the add on “crackers on the side” mean exactly?

    Crackers come on the board automatically. This option means there will be no crackers inside the box/on the board. They will be wrapped and packaged separately and kept on the side. This is a great option if you plan to keep the box in the fridge for a night or two.

    There is also an option to add additional crackers on the side if you want extra.


Do you deliver? 

    I deliver locally (5 mile radius from my location) which typically ends up being Ellicott City/ Elkridge and Columbia. This request has a $15 delivery fee. 


Do you have a list of cheeses to choose from?

    In short, no. I change the cheeses to keep it fresh and interesting. There is a comment section when you place an order where you can request a specific cheese or let me know if there is an item you do not wish to have in the box. 


How far in advance should I place my order?

    Honestly, if you know the date for your event it’s never too early. For an order M-Th about 3-5 days is usually enough notice. For an order Fri-Sun I would suggest a least one week’s notice. Any order of 10+ boards should be placed as a custom order 2-3 week ahead of time. 


*These suggestions only apply for non-holiday weeks. Holiday orders should be placed 2+ weeks ahead of time. 


Do you have a list of boxes I can look at to choose from?

     All boxes are custom and made to order. Boxes will only look the same for bulk orders. There are visual menus on my social media and website with past box orders. You are welcome to send me pictures of boxes that you like and I can use them as inspiration for your box!

More Than Your Average Cheese Board